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Dinosaur Hoodies. Awesome prehistoric designs, exclusive to Cretaceous Co.

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Dinosaur hoodies

Dinosaur Hoodies and sweat-shirts for adults and childrens Dinosaur hoodies, exclusive to Cretaceous Co. All original designs featuring awesome Dinosaur inspired prints. Available in various sizes and colours. Don’t forget to check out our selection of T Shirts too!

Our Dinosaur print hoodies are not only designed with care and passion, but are manufactured for maximum comfort and durability. Using high quality cotton and a robust construction process, then Finished with the highest level printing techniques. We hope you’ll love wearing our hoodies as much as we love creating them!

We are always creating new designs for our Dinosaur  zip hoodies and pull-overs and on the look out for inspiration so keep your eyes peeled for new editions to our range. We’re always open to suggestions too, so if you’d like to see your favourite Dinosaur adorning some of our apparel, please get in touch!

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At Cretaceous Co, we believe Dinosaurs are just about the coolest critters to walk the face of the earth and that the associated clothing and merchandise portraying these beautiful beasts should be cool too! That’s why our mission is to create and provide attractive and interesting Dinosaur hoodie and sweater designs that you can wear with pride no matter who you are or what your age may be. Dinosaur hoodies shouldn’t be limited to just kids and gimmicks. No Dave-o-saurus junk here, just prehistoric prints for MenWomen and young folk that you can be proud of.

What’s more all of our Dinosaur hoodies and sweat-shirts are designed in house and only available from Cretaceous Co. We also strive to offer our designs in a wide variety of sizes and colours to give as much choice as possible and add that extra element of personalisation for Dinosaur fans everywhere.


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Our Dinosaur Hoodies and Sweat-shirts

Our Dinosaur Hoodies and sweaters are not only designed with care and passion, but are manufactured for maximum comfort and durability. Using high quality materials and a robust construction process, in addition to being finished with the highest level printing techniques. Above all, we hope that you’ll love wearing our Dinosaur Hoodies as much as we love creating them!

Our Dinosaur design ethos is about creating well balanced, mainly symetrical artworks which look pleaseing to the eye and are impressive to behold. Our ambition is to produce Dinosaur Hoodies which are viewed in the same way as a cool rock band Hoodie. Motley Crue with teeth and a tail!

Dinosaur Hooded tops and jumpers done right!

We’re obviously huge Dinosaur fans here. However, when we got started, we felt the Cretaceous period didn’t quite get the mainstream recognition and appreciation it rightfully deserved. The Jurassic period, thanks to the amazing Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films, books and merchandise along with the beautiful Jurassic Coast in Devon and Dorset (Where we’re based)  has attained a synonomous association with Dinosaurs in general. This is great, and has meant that over the past 25 Years or so, Dinosaurs and the Jurassic have become part of everybody’s, everyday vocabulary and imagination. We just think the most awesome Dinosaurs were those that walked this very earth, back in the Cretaceous period!

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Argentinosaurus and more of the top tier, household monsters roamed during the Cretaceous. So with that in mind we started Cretaceous Co! We love creating awesome Dinosaur-Hoodies, Dinosaur clothing and accessories. Most of which feature Cretaceous Dinosaurs!, Someone may have let the odd Brachiosaurus in…