Cretaceous Co

Dinosaur inspired gifts, clothing & accessories

Totally Awesome Dinosaurs! 

Everybody loves Dinosaurs… It’s true…

They’re not just the preserve of wonder filled, excitable children and dust covered paleontologists.

Dinosaurs are the most mind boggling, bizarre looking, terrifying, hyperbolic, nostalgia inducing beasts to ever exist!

So with this in mind, we started Cretaceous Co and created and sourced a range of funky, beautifully designed Dinosaur inspired clothing and accessories for everyone! 

Whether you’re 5, 35 or 105, you’ll love our range of prehistoric products.

Now you can finally get that Styracosaurus Mug you’ve always wanted and flaunt it around the office! The Mug that is…

Dinosaur T-Shirts

This season’s new look is prehistoric!

Stylish, original designs with a little more bite. Browse our exclusive range of Dinosaur inspired clothing and accessories now.

Cretaceous Co stock a great selection of original, Dinosaur inspired T shirts, Hoodies and Vest Tops for Men, Women and Children, along with fantastic Dinosaur gifts and accessories such as Dinosaur Mugs, Dinosaur Hats, Phone Cases and much more!

We strive to create beautiful, evocative, prehistoric designs that look stylish and interesting whilst portraying the Dinosaurs as the magnificent creatures they were!

You won’t find any novelty Winosaurus underpants or Stegosaurus costumes for pugs here; just awesome Dinosaur accessories that you’ll love.